Information Technology

Constantly developing new technology to better serve the needs of our customers.

Supply Chain Visibility

Using a combination of industry software packages and our SCV Portal System we can deliver a complete tracking of items from Purchase Order to Store Shelf, or final destination, showing you where your product is at any time and in what stage of the shipment it is in. In addition, because we recognize that no two customers have the same needs we can personalize your portal to fit your needs and requirements.

Automatic Reports

Our Information Technology department can provide you with reports that are automatically generated and distributed to the pre-specified party members containing any information you may need, allowing you to continuously receive such reports without any hassle or having to contact us. Any type of report that you require can be generated, ranging from monthly On Hand reports to weekly shipment details.

GPS Tracking

Want to track your cargo as it is being shipped across the sea? Our Information Technology unit has you covered!

Get real-time notifications about your cargo, from departure until it arrives at its destination. You will be able to know if your goods were ever opened along the way, and that is just one of the many features.